Non-Destructive Digging

“We can reduce the uncertainty associated with underground services by offering experienced, competent and accredited locating staff”

Determining the location, depth and direction of these assets is imperative before construction or maintenance commences. Hagstrom can offer pro-active solutions to meet your safety requirements and can offer underground utility services such as service location clearance for electricity, gas, phone, optic fibre, sewer and water in conjunction with our drilling program or as a stand-alone service to minimise cost and project risk.

Ground penetrating radar

Hagstrom has invested in the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems and Electromagnetic Line Locators. These systems can be used in tandem to provide accurate location giving 3D perspective. Ground Penetrating Radar is an advanced technology which uses short pulses of electromagnetic energy to generate underground imagery. These mechanisms provide a safe, non-disruptive method of capturing subsurface data whilst being highly accurate and cost effective.

vacuum excavation

As part of our services,  Hagstrom can offer specialised trailer mounted Vacuum units also referred to as, vacuum truck excavation, potholing and Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) which allows us to provide non-destructive means of utility locating by using this method to excavate the soil and material without damaging the underground services providing our clients with a safe and non-destructive, safe mode of excavation to expose underground assets.

Applications for our unit’s include excavating for:

  • Waste removal
  • Trenches
  • Potholes
  • Post holes
  • Power pole fittings
  • Inspection holes


Vacuum excavation provides many benefits over traditional methods including greater safety for work personnel and less risk of damaging the surrounding infrastructure.

Our experienced and accredited operators are trained to perform location and excavation services to the highest standards on small and large scale worksites and can provide remedial works to minimise any environmental impact.



“What a time and resource saver, having the driller scan for utilities, only one company for inductions and quotes, fantastic!” 


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Ground Penetration Radar services
  • Accurate Triangulation depth
  • Bluetooth and GPS mark locations on Google Earth
  • Loc-10Tx 10 watt transmitter
  • Reduces risk and allows for faster decision making
  • provides accurate Sub Surface Data
  • Safe, non-destructive with no damage or mess
  • Quiet and compact equipment
Non-Destructive Drilling (NDD)
  • Non-destructive vacuum excavation services.
  • Used to expose or excavate around underground services, such as electrical and communication cables, water, gas, storm water and sewerage pipe work.
  • Non-destructive method of digging ensures minimal risk of damage to buried assets, compared to mechanical excavators which can easily damage existing underground services.
  • Provides a risk-free means of safely exposing underground cables and pipes which often run in different directions at various depths.  
  • Vacuum units transfer the spoils directly into the spoils tank of the unit with no unsightly piles of dirt in the work area. 
  • No machinery tracking back and forth means minimal ground disturbance to the site surrounds, results in a minimal footprint on the work area and minimising access restrictions


non-destructive digging projects

Ground Penetration Radar
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Vacuum excavation NDD
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